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Title Jisc AI mini-MOOC
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Course administrator (5): Rebecca Burningham, Teresa Higgs, Edward Pull, Jo Standbridge, Sophie Wilkins. 
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Content This mini MOOC is open to all learners from Jisc member institutions. We currently have an enrolment limit for this course and registrations are processed at the start of each month. If you're from an eligible Jisc member institutions you will be accepted as soon as we have space; we appreciate your patience in awaiting the confirmation email.

The MOOC includes commenting on other students' posts, so we are granting access in "waves" - so that there is a group passing through together each month. We hope this will encourage you to discuss your ideas. This may mean that there is a short wait between applying to do the course, and being granted access. We'll advertise the next starting date, in case you need to plan.

Objective If you're interested in Artificial Intelligence, and have half an hour to spare, this "mini-MOOC" is designed for you. We hear a lot about how we should be worried about "AI", usually illustrated with an image from Terminator. But most of us frequently use AI, without even noticing, to do things that would have seemed impossible just a few years ago. Through videos, articles and exercises, the course explores why that might be. We hope it'll help you think about your own uses of AI and how you can make them more likely to be perceived as useful rather than creepy. And if you haven't got a whole half-hour, you can even split the course into four shorter chunks!

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Evaluation To keep the MOOC easy to use, we will periodically remove older discussions and accounts. This will happen a few weeks after you finish, or if you stop part-way and don't log in for several weeks. If you want to return after your account has been removed, you'll need to re-register.

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